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A recent Pentagon report reveals a huge increase in sex crimes committed by army personnel since 2006. The Huffington Post reports Fox News Pundit Liz Trotta believes this is a non-issue. The “close proximity” of soldiers means rape should come as no surprise. Trotta describes female soldiers as wanting to be both heroes and victims.

Now, what did they expect? These people are in close contact, the whole airing of this issue has never been done by Congress, it’s strictly been a question of pressure from the feminists.

Trotta’s attitude toward the issue is deplorable; she states that providing support to soldiers facing abuse is a waste of time as it is their job to protect us, not our job to protect them. The Huffington Post article includes a longer clip than the one shown above wherein Fox News host Eric Shawn alleges that perhaps the soldiers deserve to be protected as much as anyone from illegal activity. Trotta dismisses this as ridiculous.

Trotta stops just short of saying these soldiers facing rape and harassment are “asking for it.” If soldiers didn’t wear uniforms, perhaps she would say the female soldiers were simply wearing too short of skirts. No one can ask to be raped or assaulted or abused; in the case of the military, it is the organization’s responsibility to address this issue and provide support to all people in service. Everyone has the right to serve their country without fear of “getting raped”; Trotta’s attitude suggests it is their fault for joining the military, not the fault of the perpetrator or the fault of the military for not offering proper protection.

Jezebel recently posted a response from a former Marine to the ignorant and disrespectful remarks made by Trotta. Fox News is not known for its progressive stances, but Trotta’s attitude in the clip is remarkably backwards even by the network’s standards.

Fox News’ Liz Trotta On Women Raped In Military: ‘What Did They Expect? These People Are In Close Contact’ (VIDEO) [Huffington Post]

An Ex-Marine Explains Why Military Women Shouldn’t ‘Expect’ to Be Raped [Jezebel]

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has compiled a supercut of all the instances of rape jokes in this season’s sitcoms, including clips from Whitney, Work It, Glee, and 2 Broke Girls among others. I won’t take this space to argue whether sexual assault can in theory be used for comedic affect, but this reel proves that networks such as ABC and Fox have no trouble trivializing the very real and potentially destructive consequences of rape for the sake of a cringe-inducing punchline. These are not examples of survivors speaking about their experience with nods to humor, or even a comedian using humor to provide insight on sexual assault, but TV shows marketed to a mainstream audience making crude jokes that perpetuate many stereotypes about sexual assault. Maybe these are the networks’ ideas of “edgy” humor. Link to video below.

The Sitcom Season in Rape Jokes [Vulture]

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