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Jane Doe will be giving a lecture at Concordia University in two weeks’ time on the structural obstacles posed at levels of society that “prevent meaningful discourse and resolution regarding the crime of sexual assault”. She should know–she spent eleven years suing the Toronto Metropolitan Police Force for negligence regarding a case of a serial rapist.

In 1986, Jane Doe was assaulted by a serial rapist, and went on to become the first woman in her situation to secure her own legal representation in the case, making her privy to court proceedings that raped women who testified were never present for. After the rapist was convicted, she went on to sue Toronto Police for negligence and gender discrimination, and after eleven years, won the case. She wrote a book about the experience entitled The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape. 

On March 14th, Ms. Doe will be talking about “the use and efficacy of police warnings, the sexual assault evidence kit, the trial process and other responses which contribute to gender and race inequality, rape mythology and an abysmally low conviction rate nationally.”

The current inquiry into the police investigations of the case of Robert Pickton hauntingly echoes Doe’s story, reminding us that little has changed.

Event details
Wednesday, March 14 at 5:30 p.m.
Room H-110, Henry F. Hall Building (1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.)
Sir George Williams Campus, Concordia University
Admission is free

There will be a book signing after the lecture.

More details about the lecture.
More details about the book.

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