1/13- Thursday Round-Up!

This Thursday has a bit of an art theme, from modern art and photography to the art of satire.  We also have a more involved post about the Idle No More movement.

Artist Angela Washko set out to document what players in the World of Warcraft think of feminism.  This piece in Hyperallergic talks about what she found– which was mostly rudeness.  One interview she conducted while in the game stands out.  Washko had a conversation with a 19-year-old young mother named Chastity (video here), whom she named her project after.  You can follow Washko’s progress towards bringing feminism to WoW on her blog

Fifty Shades of Gay is a TED talk by queer photographer iO Tillet Wright about the gray areas of sexuality and gender. 

The Onion recently published this hilarious satire on the “complimentary” comments we make objectifying teenage girls. 

On a much more serious note, the Idle No More protests continue to bring Canada’s relationship with First Nations people into the public discourse.

And Tennessee is considering a law that would require school teachers, counselors, and administrators to ‘out’ LGBT students to their parents

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