Thursday Round-up

Trigger warning:  this post contains discussion of sexual violence 

This week, we here at the SACOMSS Media Watch blog are starting what we call our weekly Thursday Round-up, a compendium of articles related to the SACOMSS mandate that we want  to share with a wider audience.  

In recent weeks, the Indian capital New Delhi and surrounding cities have been overtaken by protesters in recent weeks after the gang rape of a young woman on a bus.  

This Wall Street Journal article describes the ban that Delhi officials have placed on protesting: 

And this Slate article comments on the lack of women at the protests, despite the movement being coordinated primarily by women: 

In news closer to home, the University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre has been in the news for their decision to rent out a sex club for student use as part of their Sexual Awareness Week: 

And the Idle No More protests on the subject of the Canadian government’s treatment of First Nations people all across Canada have been getting news attention: 

A First Nations youth comments on the protests: 

That’s all for this week.  If you have an idea for an article that could be featured in next week’s round-up, send it via Facebook: 

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