Boston University Plans to Open Crisis Center this Fall

After a number of recent incidents of sexual abuse on its campus, BU Today reports that Boston University will take a step forward to fight sexual assault by instituting an on-campus crisis center this fall. BU President Robert A. Brown announced that the center will be “dedicated to sexual assault prevention and support for survivors of sexual assault and other forms of physical abuse, such as hazing.” Details of the center are still to be determined but Brown says staff will include full-time clinicians trained in crisis and sexual assault counseling as well as non-clinical prevention specialists.

The Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism (CGSA) has been advocating for a crisis center in light of the on-campus rape culture and it is heartening to see that the administration has responded to their requests. The form the center will take is of course still undecided, but Ariana Katz of the CGSA is hopeful:

“So many people are affected by interpersonal violence in different ways. I hope the new center cares for every type of person who walks into it.”

By providing both support to students and taking preventative measures to fight sexual assault BU will hopefully make its campus a safer space for all members of its community. If they are successful perhaps other campuses will take similar measures, as I doubt the rape culture and recent events at BU are unique; they have just been highly visible.

New Crisis Center Planned for Fall [BU Today]

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