More Glamorization of Violence Against Women

*Trigger Warning* This post contains an explicit image of violence.

Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers posted an article yesterday that discusses a highly disturbing photo shoot in Pop magazine. The images feature an under-age model in various highly-sexual images, and one that depicts a hand choking her. The model, Hailey Clauson, is 17 and her parents have previously sued a photographer due to the exploitation and sexualization of her image.

The photograph suggests that it is not just acceptable to choke a teenage girl, but sexualizes and glamorizes the act to present it as even more appealing. Fashion is no stranger to using under-age models, nor is it any stranger to depicting violence against women as glamorous. As she is 17, one has to question just how much control this model can exert over the use of her image, and to what degree she can consent to such a situation. This is not technically an advertisement like the Calvin Klein campaign I discussed in a previous post, however it is still utilizing an explicitly violent image to sell a product. At the top of the photograph are by-lines for the designer clothes and accessories shown in the editorial. The magazine benefits from the exploitation of this model, as do the designers who receive publicity alongside her image.

Image after the jump 

As Sauers points out, teenage girls face a high risk of domestic violence. For fashion to equate an act such as choking a young girl with glamour is not only disgusting, but irresponsible in light of the real life abuse they may well face.

Underage Model Is Stylishly Choked in Disturbing Fashion Shoot [NSFW] [Jezebel]

  1. If you want to explore the darker side of fashion imagery and symbolism (not only in fashion but also music, TV, Hollywood etc) I recommend exploring

    People often talk about ‘shock value’ and being ‘edgy’ (and no doubt some images have no deeper motive than that) but without doubt there ARE also some very dark forces at work in these ‘culture creation’ industries and we definitely ARE being deliberately ‘programmed’ (acclimatised, propagandised ….. call it what you want) through fashion images to accept certain ideas, attitudes and behaviours as normal and acceptable.

    But I do not have a ‘censorship’ mindset. IMHO there is nothing ‘wrong’ with extreme imagery and symbolism (such as the image above) – the real problem is when the public doesn’t bother to critically think about what they are looking at and consider why they are being shown such imagery…. and who it is that’s showing it to them.

    Most people who DO bother to think for themselves will *naturally* end up rejecting (or simply yawning at) such imagery and censorship/ outrage etc will not even need to be an issue.

    But what makes it so hard for the public (especially young people) to be critical and think for themselves is that in mainstream (corporate) culture today violent, degrading, misogynistic images are the norm and they are not *balanced* by other extremes in different (more positive) directions. Because of this fact last year’s ‘extreme’ becomes this year’s ‘normal’. This process is known as the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ (thesis + antithesis = synthesis). Think of moving a set of goalposts in one direction a bit at a time…

    Fast forward a decade or two and this process is why we now see things like music videos aimed at kids (Rihanna, GaGa, Beyonce etc) featuring torture, rape, human sacrifice, satanic blood rituals, militaristic/ police state/ war ‘sexification’ and even Nazi themed trauma based mind control experiments (I kid you not) ….. all being depicted in ‘sexy’ POP MUSIC (this kind of juxtaposition is a form of ‘cognitive dissonance’).

    The culture we are born into is – by definition – our benchmark for what is ‘normal’. IOW the world we are born into FEELS normal – whether it is a world of human sacrifice to the gods, feudalism, African slavery, children being sent up chimneys or women being degraded in the media and female objectification being defined by corporate role models (Beyonce et al) as being ’empowerment’ etc etc. People who say this stuff is just there for shock value need to understand that if you’re born into a culture full of these images it’s not shocking, it’s normal.

    The antidote to all of this is to study history and learn about processes like the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, ‘cognitive dissonance’ etc – and learn as much as you can about these ‘culture creation’ industries (and always vote with your wallet).

    Well that’s my 2 cents 🙂

    (ps check my gallery for more disturbing images like this)

  2. tb4lyf said:

    This is how I perceive that photo: thats a “handler” controlling his slave.. its the deep dark world, those hollywood and wealthy types get into.. thats why it was accepted!.. thhey know what theyre doing… we just dont know!

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