“Shit [People] Say” Meme Tackles Victim-Blaming and Transphobia

If you’re anywhere on the internet you have probably come across some spin-off of the “Shit Girls Say” video. While most of the videos are based in humor, a recent addition to the meme in “Shit Everyone Says to Rape Victims” takes a far more serious approach. The video, posted above, tackles many of the common myths of sexual assault, such as that rape always involves force and that men cannot be victims of rape. The video appropriates a medium originally based in satire with which to convey its message, and though this particular video is unlikely to go viral the way some other off-shoots of the meme have, its method may allow its message to reach a larger audience than it would otherwise encounter.

The Crunk Feminist Collective has a great post on the “Shit [People] Say Meme”: When the Shit Hits the Fan: On the “Shit [People] Say” Meme  and why it matters. As the post describes and is perhaps evident in the rape victims video, the structure of “Shit X Say to Y” allows an under-privileged group to talk back to many of the stereotypes espoused by a more privileged group. The post links to other videos, particularly those inspired by the “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” video, including “Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People”, embedded below.

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