Weekly Update

1) Human Trafficking Exposed in Israel
A recent BBC article explores the continuing problem of human trafficking in Israel. In the past 2 decades, an estimated 3,000 foreign women, primarily from the former Soviet Union have been brought to Israel under the false promise of work / study / opportunity. While there are several NGOs working to help these women, the Israeli government and police remain largely apathetic.

Check out the article for yourself here.

2) Support the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA)
Amnesty International and the Family Violence Prevention Fund are proposing a bill to increase US leadership in ending violence against women internationally. If passed, the bill will integrate violence prevention into existing international programs. I-VAWA needs your support!

Sign the petition here.

3) Former Immigration Officer Charged in Detainee’s Rape
A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in Florida has been charged with raping a Jamaican while transfering her between detention centers in September. He was promptly fired from his position after a complaint of the rape had been filed against him. Federal authorities are investigating the agent’s potential involvement in other cases of rape and assault. He was arrested last week, and will face court on November 19th.

Check out the article for yourself here.

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